To The River

The world is seemingly in chaos: our political systems are being dismantled, intense weather wreaks devastating human havoc and the country once held up rightly or wrongly as a beacon of so-called freedom seems intent on letting its citizens kill its own citizens – in the name of so-called freedom. What a mess.

Perhaps though, it’s not. Perhaps instead it’s the process of deep change at horrific and mocking play. Perhaps it’s the catastrophic mess we make just before the amazing beauty of which we are truly capable is realized.

Deep change, true transformation is not easy. It’s very tough and it usually hurts. A struggling caterpillar to a stunning butterfly, a radiant rainbow following the tragic destruction of a storm, the happiness that comes from the relief of knowing a loved one is no longer in pain after the deep grief of losing them. It’s never without test.

And I think it’s the same for the human race and the planet. The true transformations that lie within us, the deep transformation of turning hurt into healing, of turning hate into love, of transforming our inner world is all part of the process of taking that same energy into the world and helping our worlds to transform. We truly are the change we seek.

But it’s not easy and the process is far from over. And it is time to step up.

Our systems are set to collapse further – political, legal, financial, cultural, spiritual – and it will test us further. The process will and is forcing tremendous change and spiritual growth. The existing mostly male structures and ways of working which tend to be based around combativeness and power over one another will eventually and hopefully unthreateningly be replaced by more feminine ways of working which at their heart use nurturing and use power as a way to help people thrive, not be destroyed.

I genuinely believe what is happening in the world is a very very pain-filled step on the way to achieving that – and that we all have to step up. If we don’t step up to the challenge of being the best that we can be, of making the contribution we are each individually meant to make, then the planet will not thrive. And that contribution is different for each of us and it is not our place to judge another who may not doing what we think they should. Who are we to truly know what’s right for them. It’s our place to allow every person to be who they are, to make their own journey and mistakes, and to be loved for who they are and not for what they do.

Obviously there are boundaries. We can hate what someone does, we can stop them in their tracks when they cause harm and impose appropriate consequences but it’s not our place to judge “them”. Only what they do. It’s our place to love and it is love that transforms, even when the reprimand associated with it needs to be fierce and very strong.

As with anything, sometimes you have to take a risk and jump into the river, be knocked under, be challenged and be scared, be battered and bruised but be carried by a bigger force to a place where the waters are calmer, where the river is wide and where the risk is worth it because we find the sun shining and the flora flourishing and we find the place where our hearts can be truly happy.

And that is by far a more beautiful and better place to be than to remain standing on the bank of the river, failing to dare.

So, the world may indeed feel in collapse and chaos but by jumping in I truly believe we will eventually see the wonderful world we seek.

Nobody said it would be easy.

T x

TO THE RIVER: Soon to be a major motion picture based on Tricia Walker’s acclaimed novel Benedict’s Brother.