Tricia Walker is an acclaimed UK based author living in Bournemouth.

Tricia’s first novel ‘Benedict’s Brother’ was selected as a Book of the Year in the industry press and is currently being developed as a feature film. Having completed her second novel, Tricia is currently working on the sequel to Benedict’s Brother.

Stories, people, places

“These are all part of the fabric of my life, of all our lives. My aim as a writer is to produce the most beautiful stories that I have in me and to present them to you. It is important to me that your experience of my work is as beautiful as I can possibly make it.

That work never stops. I have completed my second novel – a stand-alone story about family love – and I am working on my third, a sequel to Benedict’s Brother.

“Thank you for visiting my website and for the many of you who keep in touch. I always love hearing from you and I always read what you send. With my kindest regards,”